A few of my favorite things…and the songs that made ME

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
What is your favorite thing about autumn?

What isn’t to love about autumn? Seriously. I love everything about this season. The smells, the sights, the sounds.

I grew up in a small town on the Oregon coast. There was a very small window where autumn was just gorgeous (in between the cold winds of summer and the rainy winds of winter). The days would be sunny, but with a slight chill in the air. I loved school, so I was always excited for it to start. Later, autumn meant playing volleyball and attending football games. Fall sports were always my favorite.

Even though I’m not in school anymore, fall still holds that feeling of “starting anew” for me. So many awesome things have happened in my life in autumn (September, to be exact): my sobriety birthday, my wedding anniversary, the birth of my child. I love making new fall memories with my little boy!


Today is also Twisted MixTape Tuesday. First time linking up with the new blog! Rather than post twice, I’m mushing NaBloPoMo and TMT together. You’re welcome. As always, our lovely hosts are Jen at My Skewed View and Kristi at Finding Ninee.

The theme today is: “The (5) seminal songs who made you the person you are today. The shutter-openers, the wakers, the “I can see clearly now the rain is goners.” The tunes that forced you to look in the mirror and say, “Hey good-looking, you seem familiar, yet new.” Challenge accepted.

1. Babylon by David Gray
I think I’ve written about this one in a previous mixtape. I think on my sobriety birthday. This song was present when I got the first message that, hey, this alcohol thing isn’t really working out and you should do something about that.

2. Playing With the Boys by Kenny Loggins
This song always reminded me of my mom. She could always hang with the guys and I looked up to her, growing up. She also taught me the joys of rewinding the Top Gun volleyball scene over, and over, and over, and over…this may have contributed to my early interest in boys. Who knew I’d end up living the military life? So glad I didn’t marry a fighter pilot. The movie got that right – most of them are douchebags.

3. Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift
This song didn’t make me realize my son is growing up too fast and I wish I could slow it down (already knew that). But, it speaks to me. Maybe it’s because I first heard it through the haze of postpartum hormones. Every mother wishes they could hold on to their babies just a little longer; all the more reason to make those days as precious as possible.

4. Fantasy on “Sleeper’s Wake by Bach
This piece made me so proud of myself, because I could play it on my flute. And I did, with a youth symphony in junior high. I might still be able to play it, if I really tried. If you skip to about the two minute mark in this video, you’ll hear my all-time favorite part of it. It was such a hard passage to master, and when I finally did, I felt like I was flying. And no, this isn’t a video of my youth symphony experience. 🙂

5. Stubborn Love by The Lumineers
Hearing this song was like hearing my husband say all the things I wished he would say out loud. I did some pretty awful things to him, but he still loves me and has always supported me throughout my recovery.


8 responses to “A few of my favorite things…and the songs that made ME

  1. This is such a great list. Really, I love how you view your mom. I hope my son admires me someday, right now he’s just 8 and sassy. But I really don’t want him to grow up anymore, and I can’t stop it either.
    And I remember when I mastered Serenade on my flute! I can still play it too! My son digs it out of the closet every once in a while and demands that I play, it still feels like floating!

  2. I like how you included a song you were proud of playing. If I included one for myself it would be (cringe) a piano piece from the Lion King soundtrack. Cringe again for good measure.
    I saw the “3” m&m cake on your sidebar. Was that for your son? I made the same cake for my son last year!

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