A devil, a jester and Cleopatra walk into a school…

Friday, October 4, 2013
Tell us about your favorite Halloween costume from childhood.

What do they have in common? All were Halloween costumes worn by moi.

It’s hard to pick a favorite. Looking back, I think it a little strange that the 4th grade me wanted to be Cleopatra (honestly, I just wanted to wear a black wig and I wasn’t old enough for a goth phase). My best friend and I were Comedy and Tragedy in 6th grade. That’s when I learned acrylic paint does not make a good substitute for face paint. Devil was my first Halloween costume. Foreshadowing?

The one that is my favorite, I think, is one I hated at the time. In the 2nd grade, I just wanted to be a witch. I wanted the black dress, the wig, the hat, the broom – the whole shebang. My mom was equally as insistent that I be a pumpkin. I railed, I fought, I complained, to no avail. Sullenly, I wore the costume she lovingly sewed for me (black felt eyes/mouth on a big orange shirt over leggings, with a felt pumpkin stem hat on my head) and prayed no one  made fun of me. No one did, of course. In fact, I probably got compliments on it.

Looking back, I’m really embarrassed at how I acted. I’ve never asked my mom about it, but I think she wanted me to wear a homemade costume because it was cheaper than buying all the witch stuff. We weren’t poor growing up, but we certainly weren’t rolling in money. Or maybe she just wanted me to wear something she made. Either way, I hate how I acted. Ungrateful, upset that I didn’t get what I wanted, unappreciative of the work she put in to make it.

I know I was only 7, and kids that age aren’t always the most empathetic of individuals. I’m also pretty sure my mom is no longer butt-hurt over it, if she ever was. Maybe writing about it will stop the slight cringe I feel whenever I think about my spoiled brat reaction to a perfectly good Halloween costume.

And if I ever make a costume for my son, I’ll make damn sure he appreciates it!


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