Whole 30, yo

Sunday, October 6, 2013

I like to challenge myself. It’s a good way to keep things interesting. I also have issues with food. I tend to eat my emotions (especially stress) and I can compulsively eat like nobody’s business. Like, just totally zone out and then be like, Where the hell did all the tortilla chips go? Oh yeah, IN MY MOUTH.

On a whim, I decided to do the Whole 30 for the month of October. Really – I literally just decided about a few days before 1 October that I was going to do it. Best snap decision I’ve ever made. I’m a week into it and I feel great.

The Whole 30 is basically eating Paleo for a month. No grains, beans, dairy, added sugars/additives, but you do get to eat a whole lot of meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, veggies, fruit, oils, nuts, and nut butters. Since that description kind of sucked, you can learn more about it here. Just make sure you finish reading my post first.

I thought it would be really hard, especially with the no dairy business. I love cheese – the sharper, the stinkier, the better. But really, it hasn’t been that hard. I found this amazing book – Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan. I love this freaking book. So many delish recipes and tips for streamlining my time in the kitchen. I made freaking homemade mayonnaise today (and it was gooooood). That’s some next-level shit.

Besides the food guidelines, Whole 30 is also a lesson in mindful eating. All meals are to be eaten at the table without a laptop, iPad, TV, dumb-phone or other method-for-zoning-out. I’m supposed to enjoy the healthy food I cooked and focus on the experience I’m having at that moment. That one has been hard – the first day, I automatically walked over to the couch with my chicken & veg egg scramble (whoops). It gets a little boring at the table, and sometimes I have to scarf the food so I can eat it before Colt gets into mischief. But I feel like it’s starting to work.

Mindful eating was one goal; the other was to figure out what was making me so farty and bloated (and I know for a fact it was not foamy lattes). Since being on the Whole 30, my GI issues have all but disappeared (much to my husband’s glee). The fun part will come after the 30 days, when I add things in one at a time to figure out what my trigger was. My money is on corn, unfortunately, since I can easily kill a bag of tortilla chips or a bowl of popcorn. But dairy, wheat and gluten have targets on their backs as well. If I can get Tricare to cover it, I may see about having some testing done instead of subjecting my family to my own experiments.

I’ll let you know how it goes. But so far, my body is loving it!



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