Pie wars

Friday, October 11, 2013
Pumpkin or apple pie at Thanksgiving (or choose any fall holiday)? Do you have a family recipe?


The only time I really eat pie is Thanksgiving. Huh. Just realized that. So I’m a big fan of pumpkin stuff (but not like the crazy pumpkin spice latte folks – you know who you are). OneĀ  year I decided I was going to make a pumpkin pie from scratch. I went to the farmer’s market, picked out a nice sugar pumpkin (with the help of a nice farmer) and proceeded to work really freaking hard. But, it totally sucked. I think I forgot to put sugar in it or something. I was crushed and have been a canned pumpkin puree devotee ever since.

But there’s something about apple pie (and no it’s not a sex thing). It does have cinnamon (holla!) which is a huge plus. It’s so comforting. I’ve never tried to make an apple pie, so no bad feelings there. My mom makes a killer apple pie. She also let me make pinwheels with the leftover pie crust dough. My mom rules.

Ah heck, if I’m being honest – my favorite pie isn’t any certain kind of pie. It’s the pie crust!

look at that sweet, sweet crust...heaven.

look at that sweet, sweet crust…heaven.


One response to “Pie wars

  1. Ah, you’re the best! I attribute my piecrust and apple pie to Grandma Nita! Best pie ever? Lucille’s Out of this World pie!

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