I am sick of Shaming.

Fat-shaming, fit-shaming…I’m sick of it all!

There was a big ol’ hubbub about one fit woman’s photo of herself in workout clothes, surrounded by her three kids, with the question “What’s your excuse?” Because of her defined abs and lack of excess fat, the Interwebs freaked out and accused her of trying to make everyone who didn’t look like her feel bad.

I think her approach was a little off-putting. Maybe she meant to be controversial and get people talking (it worked). Maybe she thought she’d be inspiring people to make fitness a priority in their lives. However, I think using “excuse” is a little harsh.

People tore her down for challenging women to look like her (which isn’t an easy feat, by any means). I get that. What pisses me off were the barrage of comments disparaging her look and downplaying her accomplishment.

“She must be hungry” (because the only way to look in shape is starve yourself, right?)
“She just looks like she’s bragging” (Um, why shouldn’t she brag? She worked damn hard to look like that)
“She’s probably rich, doesn’t work and has a nanny, and a trophy wife” (Fuck you, women can get fit without having someone else pay their way)
“She’s only looks like that because she’s a fitness professional and has better access” (That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. You don’t need to be a trainer to get in shape)
“Wonder how much time she spends with her kids if she looks like this” (So it’s impossible to be a good mom and be in shape? I disagree)

Honestly, people. Just admit you’re jealous and get over it. Don’t try to tear her down just to lift yourself up.

The photo and caption didn’t really bother me because I own my choices. I don’t look like her, and I’m ok with that. I don’t want to put in the time and effort it takes to look like that, and that’s ok. I just wish so many others in this country would take the same tactic. I believe if you’re happy with your choices, you won’t let someone else make you feel bad about them. But if you’re not happy with your choices, you will very easily let someone else make you feel bad for them because you already feel it – you just haven’t admitted it yet. If you’re happy with being unhappy, go on with your bad self (just stop tearing down others). If you’re not happy with being unhappy, do something about it. It’s not easy – but it’s worth it.


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