I fell off a treadmill

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Tell us the last time you “fell on your face” (literally or figuratively).

This is a good one. It happened a few weeks ago.

So normally I do my 5-minute warmup on the elliptical. But this old guy was huffing & puffing on it when I got to the fitness center, so I decided to hop on the treadmill. No big thing. The only problem is, I usually multitask during my warmup. Get my iPod armband on, put the workout gloves on, review the workout, look up a video if I’m not sure how to perform an exercise. I’m expert status at doing this on the elliptical.

I’m terrible at doing it on a treadmill.

I’m not even sure how it happened. One second, I’m looking at the workout, the next I’m rolling around on the treadmill trying to catch my balance. I caught it, all right – after I rolled backwards off the treadmill on my back, onto the floor. All I could do was laugh. I wasn’t injured, except for some road rash on my left arm…and my pride.

Lesson learned: never multitask on a treadmill. You will make an ass of yourself.


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