Angels among us

Today I witnessed how social media can be used for good, rather than evil. A young couple decided to take in two babies who were being neglected. While this is heroic by itself, the couple don’t have any of their own kids, are under 21 and the husband is deployed right now, so the wife is taking care of the babies on her own (with the help of her mom).

Wow. The selflessness of this young woman overwhelms me. As soon as I saw my friend’s post about this young couple on one of the wives’ pages I belong to, I knew I needed to help. I wasn’t able to donate much (C’s 3T clothes were way too big for the 6mo boy), but I was able to gift some of C’s toys (barely made a dent in that spoiled kid’s pile). I also bought some essentials – diapers, wipes, baby wash, sippy cup, toddler snacks and formula (side note: holy hell, formula is expensive. I’m glad I never had to mess with that).

I have a bit of a bleeding heart, especially when it comes to kiddos (and animals). But when I hear about babies who are being neglected and/or abused, it touches a nerve. I’m so thankful those two babies had people in their lives who were able to identify that they were in danger, and took action to move them to a safe place. I had a cousin who was killed and another badly beaten, but nobody knew the abuse was happening until it was too late. I was very young when it happened, so I don’t really remember when it happened – just flashes. ButĀ  I know it influenced decisions my mom made, such as theĀ  sacrifices she made to keep me safe when I was young.

If you pray, say a prayer for this little family. Ask that the angels watch over these babies and help this young woman as she goes down the path of new motherhood. I’m so thankful these babies were saved.


To dress up, or not to dress up

Thursday, October 3, 2013
Will you dress up for Halloween? What will you be?

Dressing up for Halloween was awesome when I was little. Who doesn’t love wearing crazy clothes and makeup at night? When I got older and did that stuff every night at the bar, it got kind of boring. I mean, Halloween costumes for adult women (or teens) are really just excuses to put boobs on display and attract sexual attention. I did that on my own, without the need of a holiday. I think the last time I dressed up as an adult was when I worked at a department store and just wanted to wear my prom dress again (I was a fairy princess). No, wait, I dressed up my first Halloween in England (last Halloween before I had a kiddo). I was a zombie pilot. No boobs in sight.

Now, though, I’m an adult with a kid. A kid who is just discovering the fun of Halloween. This will technically be his 4th Halloween, but only his third time dressing up (he was 6 weeks old the first go around, so we just popped him in a jack o’lantern sleeper and called it good). When he was 1, he was a panda and last year he was a velociraptor. This year, I’m leaning towards firefighter since he’s crazy about anything to do with rescues. Dressing him up in cute costumes is FUN.

We’ve kicked around the idea of family costumes. Colt is a huge Curious George fan, so husband could be The Man in the Yellow Hat for our little monkey. Or we could be the Griffins from Family Guy: Peter, Lois and Stewie. I’ve always thought the crayon idea was cute (Mom is yellow, Dad is blue, Baby is green). And the parents who went as Wild Things for their kid dressed as Max? Winning.

But honestly? I don’t think I’m that organized. Plus I’m lazy. I don’t really want to dress up to take him trick or treating. I want to wear comfy clothes – which for me in Texas means flip flops and maybe a hoodie (depends on if it dips below 70 that night…brrrr). My husband and I don’t do adult Halloween parties, so there’s really no need to dress up. I’m fine with leaving the dressing up to the kids.