Lazy Sunday

It’s been a beautiful, lazy Sunday today. Both of my boys took naps (the kiddo is still sleeping) and I finally got my beads organized. <—- Sounds like a weird thing to describe as beautiful, but I do love organization and all the loose beads were making me twitchy. Plus, putting my hands on every. single. bead. I own helped me get inspired. Hopefully that inspiration translates into jewelry made!

I love haiku. I remember when we learned it in the 4th grade. I had a blast writing silly little poems. It’s a close tie between haiku and limerick as my favorite form of poetry, but haiku probably wins because it requires less work, word-wise.

My ode to the Lazy Sunday:

Football, naps and clouds
Staying in my PJs all day
Lazy Sunday for the win

And because any mention of Lazy Sunday NEEDS to include The Lonely Island…